Master’s of education programs typically take two years to complete, though there are a number of variables that can either increase or decrease that time frame. Some students can complete their M.Ed degrees in as little as one year, while other students can take up to four years to complete their degree. Some variables that can affect how long it takes to complete a masters degree program in education include:

  • Accelerated Formats: Accelerated formats allow students to take more than the normal 15-credit load per semester. Sometimes they also offer compacted semesters that take place over the course of 8 weeks as opposed to the typical 16.
  • Part-time Formats: Part-time formats are designed to accommodate working professionals who have a load of responsibilities besides their academic degree work. Part-time students do not have to meet the normal 12-credit load per semester.
  • Summer Courses: Many degree programs offer summer courses where students can pick up extra credits and finish their degree requirements as fast as possible. Summer semesters are typically shorter than spring and fall semesters.
  • Transfer Credits: Students should be sure to transfer as many credits as they can into their degree program, as they will save them time and money on their educational investment.
  • Practicum Experience: As an M.Ed student you will have to complete a practicum experience that matches the concentration of your degree, whether that be a student-teacher residency or an internship in a school’s administrative office.

If you are worried about the time commitment of earning a master of education degree, you should be aware that some of the best online masters programs are available for students looking to earn their M.Ed degree. Online programs allow students to work on their assignments, attend class, and accumulate credits whenever and wherever it is most convenient. Online students are still offered equivalent academic experiences as their classroom counterparts and will be required to show up in person for various responsibilities, such as capstone projects and practicum experiences.

How Many Credits For a Masters Degree in Education?

While most masters degrees require the completion of 60 credit hours, most Masters degrees in education require students the completion of about only 30 credits. This is because a major component of an MEd degree is the practicum experience, which requires degree students to work in a school setting as an assistant teacher or administrator. Full-time students usually have to take at least 12 credits per semester, but no more than 18 credits without expressed written permission. Credit hours are equivalent to the amount of time that students spend in a class each week, so if you are taking a three-credit class, you will have three hours of class time per week. However, every master’s degree program is different, so you should be sure to ask the schools where you are applying for specific information about their particular programs. If you are interested in researching M.Ed degree programs, you should check out our ranking of the Best 20 Schools for a Masters in Education, and if any of the programs meet your professional and academic expectations, be sure to visit their school website and request more information.